Watching Others Evangelize at times, is quite comical

I often feel some who evangelize are in it for the argumentation! Others are in it for the comical value for others to smile. And others are in it to bring souls to God’s kingdom. As we start out we are often ill prepared and poorly understand the concept of touching the lives of others. I know I have been in these shoes…and sadly, I fall back on bad habits. If some of these occurrences weren’t so hilarious, we would probably cry. Most people are just like the Monty Python skit…”I would like to have an argument, please!”

This is but one reason I blog, in order to inform and hopefully educate and aid others in the apologetic field. In order for each of us to evangelize, properly, we need to have a good foundation in the knowledge of the bible and the apologetic forum. We must be able to critically think and to be able to think on our feet. And how do we do this? Through study and education. You must (not just must but you need to want to do so, with such a passion!) study the bible, commentaries, have a voracious desire to read, capture the knowledge and access the information. That being said you also need other traits, such as: study habits, memorization, speed reading, note taking, among other things.

While I was thinking of some other things recently, something to do with evangelizing – the above clip came to mind of the old Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It brought home a point, that many agree on…people are ill prepared from church and Sunday School to evangelize the Word of God to others. What we learn in Church and in Sunday School is cursory at best and piecemeal. However, what many fail to realize is the fact that apologetics and evangelizating are specialized fields within the Church itself. Each and every Church should have a specific course on each and the person who takes such a course needs to desire to take it with such a passion in order to promote and expand the word of God beyond his own boarders of his/her own little world!

Nabeel Qureshi (Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus) converted from Islam to Christianity because of his friend who was a Christian who witnessed to him over the course of years, as they were making their way through medical school. The argumentation started with the Christian belief and made it’s way to the Islamic faith. Islamic believers are given much the same faith as we as Christians…meaning that we are given a cursory understanding and we each believe we are ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, we find ourselves sorely under prepared and almost stripped of all armor and defenses. Because we did not follow on with more of our own self guided studies.

There are a great many people who are misguided out there, including some of us, but we can change that by studying and searching and researching the truth. A truth which is knowable and understandable. And we each have a responsibility and an obligation to pass on our knowledge to our families, our children, our friends and our brothers and sisters in Christ. You can study on your own, with your family, or have a group meeting with others from your church or community. There are numerous ways we can go about it…BUT we need to follow through with the idea of doing so. We have been mandated to love God, love our neighbors and to spread His Word!

Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”~Matthew 22:37-40 NKJV

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. ~Matthew 28:19-20 NKJV

We, as Christians, need to take the word of God and it’s mandates more seriously finger-pointingthan we do! We allow ourselves to become so wrapped up in our lives, earning a living, increasing our income, paying our taxes, and paying our bills. Yes, we do go to church on Sunday and perhaps even to Sunday School and talk ourselves into believing it will all be good. But, guess what? You have to do things, you know! We are obligated to God for our life, for the breath of life in our very being, for our very souls and spirits that reside within each of us. Don’t you think that we should do something, like maybe…what we were told to do?

IMG_3148We are all destined to do great things, if only we would place God at the head of our lives as we are at the precipice of our own destruction due to our flippant and arrogant treatment of God within our own lives! We are making God’s decision for our judgement at the end of our lives, because we tend to send ourselves to Hell – God is just following the desires of our hearts through the decisions throughout our lives. But we are meant for something greater and much better than such things. But God MUST come first in our lives! We are blessed with just so much time on earth. In the words of one of the old Church Father’s, St. Cyprian, “We were born with a noose around our necks.” Thus, we have one human lifetime to accomplish what God desires of us. Some of us have longer than others and waste our time when we could be doing something much more constructive for God!

circle-dotWithin the Islamic faith their faith is represented by the circle and their lives (individually) are represented by the dot. Within the Christian faith, we are just the opposite. Our lives are represented by the circle and our faith/God is represented by the dot. God is, and has been, minimized within the context of our lives. It has been educated out of us, we have forgotten the prominence of God in our lives, and we all wonder why things have gotten so bad in this country. WOW! Think about that for a little bit!

Stop sitting on the couch, stop watching all those re-runs of days long gone by! I am not saying you have to give all things fun, but this country and this world is going to Hell in a hand basket and we are just watching it happen. And the only thing we are doing is to bitch and complain at our neighbors, they in-turn bitch and complain to us. That gets nothing accomplished! You have to get up and DO SOMETHING!

May God Richly Bless You, My Beloved!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD


The Conceptual Possibility of the Trinity

Like the blog writer, I too am reading the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi…fascinating at the very least. But I had to steal this blog writer’s concept of what was written in the book concerning the Trinity which he grasped the perfect concept in nature of the Trinity from his Organic Chemistry class…here it is:


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Monday, January 5, 2015

Is the Trinity conceptually possible?

The Trinity is one of the most confusing concepts in Christian theology.
How can God be three persons [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] yet one?
Non-Christians sometimes say it is illogical and nonsense.
This is particularly true of Muslims who consider it offends the unity of Allah.
[Aside: It also seems that most Muslims think Christians believe the Trinity is God, Mary, and Jesus.]I am currently reading the fascinating book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi.
I will write more about it later. Here I just want to highlight one small part of the story I found fascinating because of my interest in the relationship between science and theology.

Like most Muslims, Qureshi thought the Trinity made no sense.
But he became open to it in a completely unexpected circumstance. In an organic chemistry class (!) he learnt about the resonance structures of the nitrate ion [shown above]. This molecule does not have a single structure. Rather, it simultaneously has the three structures above. It is not one or the other, but all three of them. This is a result of [the bizarre properties of] quantum physics, it is the same as Schrodingers cat, being both dead and alive at the same time.

Learning about resonance structures did not lead Qureshi to believe the Trinity was true. It just made him open to the idea that it was conceptually possible that it could be true. He could no longer dismiss it out of hand.

Also consider reading this document: The Trinity

While everything here cannot possibly explain for each and every person, these are simple beginnings for research on the subject of the Trinity and it’s understanding. But know this: God leaves us bread crumbs in order to explain all things spiritual within the natural world He has given us!

This was a short one tonight, but a ton to ponder on…so, just think on this for a little while!

May God Richly Bless You, My Beloved!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD

‘Tis the Season


Once Thanksgiving dinner is over with, the cleaning up is complete, perhaps a little resting, the Black Friday abuse is over with and recovered from…it truly is a feeling of “’tis the season” moment! As believers in the Most High God, His loving Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit we should always be “in” that mood of “’tis the season” mindset. We are to be in the ever forgiving mood of our enemies, the ever loving of our neighbors, the always willing to give the shirt off our backs for those in need, etc. Jesus taught these things to all mankind…every person he came in contact with; whether high or low position in their lives. I, myself, have not been shopping on a Black Friday in many years, because it is like suicide by customer shopping. It is truly not the Christmas seasons and shopping experiences that I had when I was a kid; though I am certain that it was a little more festive shopping 40 years ago. People have lost the true Spirit of Christmas over the years. It is truly sad!

On a more positive note, we can each make that little bit of difference in the lives of everyone else simply by carrying on that little bit of Spirit in your lives while out shopping. Say “Merry Christmas” with a bit of a warm smile. Kindness truly can be spread easily and without personal pain. Just in that simple little act. Put the needs of another ahead of yourself; your wife, your husband, your son, your daughter, or a complete stranger. Just help them in some small way. Maybe they are having a meltdown and need a break; perhaps having a tough time and need to get something off their chest; the list can truly be endless. And I will not even get into the corporatizing of the Christmas holiday, THAT would be a completely different blog posting!

You may ask why would that be during the holiday season? The holiday season it the greatest time of pressure; whether it be personally imposed, work imposed, relative imposed, etc. The Christmas season is the highest known time where people think about, contemplate, and commit suicide.

Here are some numbers on Suicide, in general:
  • Suicide is the 10 th leading cause of death in the US
  • Each year 42,773 Americans die by suicide
  • For every suicide 25 attempt, and
  • Suicide costs the US $ 44  Billion annually. (AFFSP, 2016)
Some Additional Facts About Suicide in the US:

  • The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 12.93 per 100,000 individuals.
  • Men die by suicide 3.5x more often than women.
  • On average, there are 117 suicides per day.
  • White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2014.
  • Firearms account for almost 50% of all suicides.
  • The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular. (AFFSP, 2016)

Overall, the statistics show that between the years 1999-2014 that suicide has risen 24%. Which is both a travesty on a human level, but also understandable as the population has grown so do the potentiality of such travesties increase. While I cannot understand the reasoning to take one’s own life, it must be understood that the person thinking that to take their life is the best possible solution is very real to them at that time…if not for a period of time! It is truly sad and very devastating to the surviving family members. There are those in your daily walk where you have the potential of crossing the path of someone who has chosen or is planning to choose to take their life. You may even be the catalyst of their decision (without meaning to be so).

There are six reasons that people decide to commit suicide:

  1. They’re depressed
  2. They’re psychotic
  3. They’re impulsive
  4. They’re crying out for help
  5. They have a philosophical desire to die
  6. They’ve made a mistake

God’s word can guide each of us to help those in need, this season, by remembering the reason for the season! Many teens struggle with such thoughts. A multitude of veterans returning from hot zones & those undiagnosed from Vietnam and other conflicts still struggle. Be aware of those who are out there that seek their own demise as an answer.

For this commandment which I command you today is not too mysterious for you, nor is it far off. It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will ascend into heaven for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ Nor is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will go over the sea for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it. “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil,  in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His judgments, that you may live and multiply; and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess.  But if your heart turns away so that you do not hear, and are drawn away, and worship other gods and serve them,  I announce to you today that you shall surely perish; you shall not prolong your days in the land which you cross over the Jordan to go in and possess.  I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;  that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.” ~Deuteronomy 30:11-20 NKJV

We know the reason for the season is Jesus, because we celebrate His birth. We also remember His death on the cross where He suffered for our sins…the sins of the world! (John 1:29) Here are some other verses that indicate the wrongfulness of suicide in the Bible: 70 Bible Verses on Suicide.

While there is no proof that being kind to, or even loving our neighbor, or putting them first in your life will prevent even a single potential suicide; isn’t it worth a try? After all, as one person you can do so very little to effect change in the world…but you are ONE person and you can do SOMETHING! Even if that something is just being nice to those you come in contact with.

May God Richly Bless You, My Beloved!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD

I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel


Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me:  When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.~Ezekiel 3:17-19

Between the Old Testament and the New Testament we have been given our marching orders to warn EVERYONE of the impending judgement upon us all. An earlier post where I discussed my belief that we are NOT once saved always saved (Part 1 & Part 2), we are sinners by nature and we are obligated to rule over that nature and control our urges…this is something the Bible teaches us!

In the Old Testament we were given mandates, which are either inferred or specific, setting us on a path to warn our fellow man of our impending judgement. Either we were people in Israel and the other people came to us to seek our instruction; or like Jonah, we were sent to another nation, or people, to warn them of impending judgement and woes. In the New Testament we were given a commission to tell others of Jesus, salvation, and our impending judgement; of course this first begins with how we are to act and treat our fellow man, as well as the honoring of God our Creator.

Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”~Matthew 22:37-40 NKJV

The best way to love God and honor Him, is to share Him and His message with our fellow man. To share the purpose of Christ’s coming to earth as a mortal man being the final sacrifice for man’s sin. Never again to sacrifice again.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.~Matthew 28:19-20 NKJV

We are to talk to, minister to EVERYONE throughout this world for the sake of God. While it is a song, it is quite telling:

“…For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.”~Revelation 5:9-10 NKJV

It simply reiterates the following:

 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; ~1 Peter 2:9 NKJV

Which indicates that we are priests for God in our own right, as we are Sons of the Most High God. We are intended to and obligated to serve our God and Creator! So, what have you done for God lately? We are simply messengers for God, but it is the Holy Spirit who actually speaks to the hearts and minds of others in order to save them, to turn them around (as well as, their lives.)

As servants and children of God, we need to learn to suck it up and begin to speak to others about the impending disaster and final judgement of all mankind. We just need to speak the truth at the appropriate times; thereby, enabling the Holy Spirit to His work on their heart.

Just imagine what would happen if we would speak to our kids about God, the kingdom, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? To aid our kids in the overall development of their evangelistic and apologetic skill-sets.

There was a study a number of years ago where it was determined that, on average, the college freshmen was so uneducated in the art of Christian apologetics that many lost their faith by their sophomore year, or earlier. That our rate of increased atheistic, or at minimum agnostic, minded has increased to 16% which is double from just ten years prior.

Consider, at the very least, to reassure, if not train, your child (children) in the arts of evangelism, but even more importantly the in the art of Christian apologetics. After all, we are the watchmen and were commissioned to make disciples of all nations!

May God Richly Bless You, My Beloved!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD

Many Christian Colleges Receive a Failing Grade



Let us be clear from the start. We love the idea of educating youth from a consistent, Bible-based worldview. But an ever-increasing number of “Christian colleges” no longer teach the authority of the Scriptures. So what do Christian colleges and seminaries really teach? This was not a pop quiz, and the schools were not asked any trick questions. Yet a recent nationwide survey by America’s Research Group uncovered some disturbing findings about many of today’s leading Christian colleges and seminaries.

“Something was happening . . . but before I spoke too loudly, I wanted to make sure that I could prove it.”

Ken Ham, president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, said the study originated as a result of troubling stories he kept hearing as he traveled worldwide, meeting with parents, pastors, and educators. “I knew something was happening out there,” he says. “Over the years my concerns continued to grow, but before I spoke too loudly, I wanted to make sure that I could prove it.”

To find more specifics about the beliefs and teachings of Christian colleges, America’s Research Group attempted to contact leaders at the schools in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). This conservative association of schools, now with over 110 member schools, restricts membership to schools with a “Christ-centered mission” that is “rooted in the historic Christian faith.” All their full-time faculty members and administrators must also profess faith in Christ.

Researchers also contacted “religiously affiliated” colleges listed in the Higher Education Directory. These schools are associated with various denominations, including mainline Protestant and a few Roman Catholic schools. (Interestingly, people from this group responded similarly to CCCU members. For example, 98% in both groups believed in the inspiration of Scripture, and there was only a 2% difference on belief in Christ’s virgin birth.)

The surveyors attempted to contact four specific types of school leaders, who set the direction of the school: presidents, vice presidents (or academic deans), heads of the science department, and heads of the religion (or theology) department.

In all, America’s Research Group interviewed 312 administrators and professors from 200 different colleges. The good news? Most respondents (98–99%) believe that the Bible is “inspired by God” and that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died a substitutionary death on the Cross, and rose bodily from the grave.

But as the questions probed further, the news was not so good. For example, only 74% of respondents believe that Scripture is without error (“inerrant”). Even fewer (60%) accept the Genesis creation account of six literal 24-hour days. Ironically, the heads of the science departments were more likely to accept this than their colleagues in the religion departments (71% to 57%).

The research, published in the new book Already Compromised, paints a troubling picture of the Christian higher education system. Yet parents often send their children to these schools, trusting the professors to believe 100% of the Bible, when many professors and school leaders do not really believe all that the Bible teaches.

What Do Leaders at Christian Colleges Believe?

Almost all leaders at Christian colleges (presidents, vice presidents, and heads of the science and religion departments) say they believe in Scripture’s “inspiration,” and most accept the N.T. history regarding Christ. But that does not necessarily mean they hold the same high view of the inerrancy of Scripture and O.T. history.

Views on the Bible

  • 98% believe in the inspiration of Scripture
  • 81% believe in the infallibility of Scripture
  • 74% believe in the inerrancy of Scripture

Views on N.T. History

  • 99% believe in Christ’s virgin birth
  • 99% believe in Christ’s substitutionary death on the Cross
  • 99% believe in Christ’s bodily resurrection

Views on O.T. History

  • 60% believe in God creating the earth in six literal 24-hour days
  • 58% believe the Flood was worldwide
  • 42% consider self a “young-earth Christian”

What do the leaders at Christian colleges really believe? It depends on who you talk to!

A Mixed Bag of Beliefs

Survey Questions*This was an open-ended question, not a yes/no question. But everyone was asked the exact same question.

A PERSONAL NOTE:  We all as parents have a tendency to fail our children, with respect our faith.  It is not only a matter of taking them to church and a bible study, but we need to discuss with them topics of the day in comparison to what the bible teaches us and how to apply biblical teachings.  I am by no means pointing the finger at, and accusing, my fellow parents; but I am highlighting the facts as I have noted in my own life and those same problems that have been carried over from my parents.  NEW PARENTS…learn from our mistakes; otherwise, our faith is doomed!

May God Richly Bless You All!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD

Three Ways to Revive a Faith That Has Turned Lukewarm by Pastor Rick Wellman


Here are three ways that I recommend to revive a lukewarm faith. Which ones would you suggest?

Witnessing to the Lost

If you want to turn a tepid faith to boiling hot, start witnessing to the lost. What this does is give you a good memory bank of Bible verses because you’re going to need them: verses that talk about the eventual fate of all who refuse to repent and trust in Christ (Rev 20:12-15), why we need the Savior (John 3:18b, 36b), what Christ’s death on the cross can do (2 Cor 5:21), and every one of us having an appointment with death and then the judgment (Heb 9:27). Witnessing to the lost is a scary thing, yes, but it is one of the most rewarding things that a Christian can do. There is such indescribable joy and peace after you have shared the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it forces you to memorize scriptures that show people why they need Christ (Rom 3:10-11, 23; 6:23).

Start a Ministry

A few years ago, I jumped into a nursing home ministry cold feet and started a Bible study. I had no clue what I was doing. I was apprehensive because I didn’t know anyone, nor did anyone know me, but after a few weeks, the residents, their families, and the staff began to look forward to my visits, and I found out that next to witnessing, there is no greater joy than to visit with these seniors, who are very lonely and just want someone to talk to. And guess what? “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress” (James 1:27). There are two things worth mentioning here. This is one thing that God the Father accepts as pure and faultless religion. Also, how many in a nursing home are orphans and widows? Almost every one of them! That will fire up your faith, I guarantee it!

Take a Risk for the Kingdom

In many ways, a faith that has never been tested can never be trusted, so if you ever get an idea about doing something radical for the kingdom, do it. I would put it this way: Never suppress an urge to be generous. I heard one pastor who was in a grocery line watching a woman with two children and no wedding ring. This poor woman was counting out her change to see if she had enough to pay for her groceries. It appeared that it was going to be close, so the pastor had an urge, or perhaps a Spirit-induced impulse, to just pay for the woman’s grocery bill. In many ways, a faith that has never been tested can never be trusted, so if you ever get an idea about doing something radical for the kingdom, do it. I would put it this way: Never suppress an urge to be generous. I heard one pastor who was in a grocery line watching a woman with two children and no wedding ring. This poor woman was counting out her change to see if she had enough to pay for her groceries. It appeared that it was going to be close, so the pastor had an urge, or perhaps a Spirit-induced impulse, to just pay for the woman’s grocery bill. This woman saw what he did, started crying, and thanked him. The pastor never said who he was but only said that “God has been good to me, and He seemed to be telling me to help you, so I did.” Interestingly, a few weeks later the woman happened to show up at his church, and she recognized him. That woman later came to a saving faith in Christ. Being a single mother might be the hardest job on earth, so if you get an urge or impulse to be generous to a single mother, or anyone for that matter, do it–take a risk. God will not forget your generosity.


Do you really want Jesus to feel like He wants to spew you out of His mouth because your faith is so lukewarm that it’s disgusting to Him (Rev 3:16)? Think that’s not serious? The Greek word for spew is “emeō,” which literally means “to vomit” or “throw up.” That’s how sick our lukewarm faith can make Jesus feel–so sick to His stomach that He vomits us out. Gross, I know, but that is the original language it is written in, so fire up your faith, witness to the lost, minister to the lonely, take a risk, and help someone who needs it. You’ll revive that lukewarm faith into a boil.

My take:

We al from time to time have those moments and times of feeling down trodden. And times where we can have a sense of 

Psalm 22:1 My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?Why are You so far from helping Me,And from the words of My groaning? 


Matthew 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” 

While we are not “literally” crucified, we can feel very separated from God’s good graces & blessings. I have heard over the years that the best way to aid in the problems at hand is to help someone going through the same issues. Much like to better learn something is to, in-fact, teach it.

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May God Richly Bless You All!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD