Rules of Civility

civility1The purpose of this is to let you know that there are certain rules of civility that are expected by all.

Nothing is intended to be a personal attack, as we are discussing personal beliefs.  So, please do not make it personal.

If I should during the course of our discussion refer to”you” which is intended as an impersonal discussion point (an argumentative third person point; argument with an us v. them); it is not intended as a personal dig or attack against you.  However, if I should during the course of our discussion refer to”YOU”, I am speaking directly to you.

While I do recognize that everyone has their personal speech habits, PLEASE refrain from the use of profanity and other vulgar comments.  Up until this point I do realize that we live in the here and now and within this world, but we can keep it clean.  I have, up to this point, let many get away with some “salty” language.  I will be more proactive and will disallow some comment which tend to be out of bounds.

Write as if you were speaking to yourself…you wish to be treated fairly, please treat others fairly!



Guide to Online Etiquette

Democracy online

The Founder’s Blog: The Rules of Civility and Descent Behavior


**This section will be a living breathing organism…as other things come to mind, they shall be added.


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