Scripture Memory


While scripture memorization, in and of itself, will not save you but such a task will aid you and I to stay on the straight and narrow path of God’s word, His commandments, be a constant reminder of His promises, and a good prodding to honor and follow the tasks we are called to follow.

Today’s post will not be over-bearing but light and hopefully chock full of helpful information to start, or continue, on the path of scripture memory work.

I find it easiest, these days to pull scriptures from my daily reading. But if you prefer, order a packet, which you can learn. However, keep in mind that you will eventually run out of scriptures…and you will either start pulling them from your reading or you might just stop the study. Trust me, it happens, especially if you do not have a plan in place to handle these things.

It is not enough just to know God from nature, or have a general idea of God. The only way you can really come to know God is through his revelation in the Bible.

How will you study? Index cards…I can relate to that, I am old school. Although, if you have a smart phone you could use Quizlet, a free application and accessible from your computer. This way you can update from either your phone or computer and while on the go if you have spare moment or two…study on the fly. It is especially helpful if you are in school, as well…just sayin’!

And for one final point, my personal opinion, just shoot for one scripture per week. Once you memorize it, work on making it personal. What do I mean? Well, what does THAT verse mean to you? Break it down, line by line. Is it telling you anything? Is it inferring or commanding something? Perhaps, it is urging you to do something. While you are studying the verse, what do the notes in your study bible say about that verse? After leaning from your bible, what did Matthew Henry’s Commentary speak on the subject of that specific verse? By learning the history, the inferences, the commands and urgings of the writer.

We each are called to but one task and that is to glorify God. In order to do so, we are commanded to Love the Lord God with all YOUR Heart, Soul, and Mind! We do this through reason, strength and guidance that will enable us to learn His word, follow His word and willingly give our whole self over to Him that He will mold us into the man or woman we were meant to truly become.

Spend time each day running through all of your scriptures.

As you learn more and as you study more, pray more, and seek His will more…you will find that guidance from Him in that quiet place in your heart. I hope this was helpful to you.

May God Richly Bless You My Beloved!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD


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