The Basis for Truth



As the meme states: “Truth by definition excludes.” Meaning, when the “Truth” come out, when it is told…it excludes all other possibilities!

  1. 1+1=2 (this is a mathematical truth with no other possibilities, 1+1 cannot equal anything else but 2!)
  2. The Principle of Non-Contradiction is a metaphysical belief which is presupposed in science and other fields of study. (It states that contradictory statements cannot both be true in the same sense at the same time, e.g. the two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive.)
  3. We could go on and on with this but I will not, for sake of time & space.

According to Aristotle, first philosophy, or metaphysics, deals with ontology and first principles, of which the principle (or law) of non-contradiction is the firmest. Aristotle says that without the principle of non-contradiction we could not know anything that we do know.

Truth is the subject at hand and when truths are presented, the exclude any and all other possibilities as options to rely upon. Over the course of decades, truth has been dwindled down to a relativistic and meaningless term. Meaning that now, in this day and age, that truth no longer means what it once did. Truth is determined by individual and no longer by the biblical text. Consider the Ten Commandments:


Even though we have based our laws, in the beginning of this country’s founding, on these specific laws of our Creator. Now, these laws of God cannot be placed upon governmental grounds because they infer the “…respecting an establishment of religion…” as per the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 1. But looking closely, the Commandments are great ideas which we should live according to.

I sense my wry sense of humor getting the best of me right now; so, here we go:

  • First Commandment needed to go, because that would take from the economy of each and every nation…money, things, etc. Also, the politicians and government as a whole cannot handle the competition!
  • Second Commandment needed to go, because without all those graven images we could not remind ourselves of all those goals we need to achieve. And let us not forget the innumerable other idols we worship: the dollar, the U.S. Flag, the eagle, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the White House, the Confederate Flag, etc.
  • Third Commandment has to go because the misusing of God’s name, His Son’s name, etc. is all part of our common daily language…and if we couldn’t speak our mind without some of that colorful language – we would not be able to really live, now would we??
  • Fourth Commandment had to go because if we honor the Sabbath and think about God and reflect on all that moral stuff…boy! That sure would take away from all the fun I could really be having without thinking on all of that stuff…too heavy of a burden!
  • Fifth Commandment needed to go, because if that was practiced we wouldn’t have all of those prisons, all of those juvenile detention facilities, all of those judges, lawyers,childs mind and parole & probation officers that would be out of work. Instead of having normal kids who survived their childhood and becoming productive citizens, we need to have children who survived a mini-Gulag industrial system to make them compliant. One of the saddest of all, truth be told. Also, let us not forget that the state and/or federal government really wants all children to be taught by them. Do, this is the ultimate reason to get rid of this commandment because the family as we know it is being attacked and destroyed! (i.e., Gay marriage, gay rights, transgendered rights, abolishing of the bible & God from schools, etc.)
  • Sixth Commandment is a good idea; however, today, I believe it just depends on who kills whom as to whether it shouldn’t be done…just watch the news, they will invariably tell you what they want you to know, not necessarily what you should know…you need to be on the look out for that, if it isn’t too much of a hassle.
  • Seventh Commandment is also a good and moral guidance, but this, too, would take away from all the fun and excitement people could be having while debauching the rest of the country! One marriage or another is ending in divorce because someone wanted to try something with someone else, hmmmmmmmmmm..?
  • Eighth Commandment is another good one, but then the government couldn’t pick your pocket  to give it to someone else so they can watch those all important MacGyver re-runs, or build another bridge to nowhere. Of course, every once in a while the U.S. government brings someone to court trial and sends them to jail when they seem to do a better job than the U.S. government, itself. (Enron & Kenneth Lay, and many others)
  • Ninth Commandment is great, BUT how can you get what you want if you don’t lie about someone else? And we learn this early on in our lives cause we cannot take the blame for something we did…blame it on the baby in the crib, he won’t tell on us! (Yes, that actually happened! my older siblings broke a lamp with the Frisbee they weren’t supposed to be tossing in the house. And YES, that was me in the crib who got blamed for it! ha-ha-ha!)
  • Tenth Commandment is also a great idea to prevent theft and other things. But since our imagination is evil from our youth (Genesis 8:21) we will have a tough time with this one also. And for that matter the IRS will have a tough time not coveting YOUR FARE SHARE of the tax burden in this country, which seems to be getting more and more of your paycheck! And what about raising your taxes even more, eh?

While this diatribe is not a direct reflection of Dr. Ravi Zacharias’ series entitled, “The Basis For Truth,” I am certain his is far more interesting and intriguing than this. I am very fond of his quips of humor wrapped around the biblical truths  that he teaches. I hope and pray you will listen to his series on this topic, you will find it fascinating, intellectually stimulating, and funny.  The Basis For Truth, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

May God Richly Bless You, My Beloved!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD


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