Build It And They Will Come..?

Build it and they will come is a mindset that works for baseball fields, theme parks, Disney and scary rides, but the church needs so much more than this mentality!


The church being more than just a building…it is the people. Paul told us in no uncertain terms:

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” ~1Corinthians 12:27

We were also told by Jesus

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” ~Matthew 18:20

Which mean that a small gathering can be considered a church, with the clarification that you are together for the sole purpose of being in place in Jesus’ name! In-fact, many churches have grown out of home churches and small bible studies that yearned for the blessing of God and to seek His holy purpose, in order to glorify His holy name!

God will hear us if we pray to Him, He will also answer us if we would just listen to Him and be guided by the Holy Spirit, which He has placed within us. But be aware that God willGods-hand-of-judgment1 separate us from Himself when we sin (Isaiah 59:2), in order to chastise us for our wrong doing. Although, He may not place us into the belly of a great fish as He did Jonah, or place us on a great and hardship filled trek as He did Jacob; though we may be tested as Job was even though we are not upright and righteous as Job was…but we will be tested all throughout our lives. However, there is a greater purpose in all of this because God sees the very beginning of time to the very end of days as one large painting; we on the other hand, only see one small portion of the painting. The purpose may not be recognized by us at any time during the course of our lives, but it will fulfill the grand purpose of God’s glorious plan. But rest assured that you play a part in God’s plans for His kingdom.

Everyone, ultimately, will glorify God in some way. Those condemned to Hell will glorify God’s divine judgement and those who go to heaven will glorify God’s mercy! IF God is real, how would you prefer to glorify God, your Creator???

Just think about that for a few moments…

I believe heaven is very real, and I also believe hell is very real; each is destined to be occupied with those who obey God or disobey Him. You make your choices daily, but how carefully do you concern yourself with those choices you make?

Until the next time, May God Richly Bless You All!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD


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