He Is Risen!

The pictures of the empty tomb are symbolic and meaningful to those of us who believe that the prophecies were fulfilled. However, it stands to reason that if the tomb was still occupied that those who lived in Jerusalem at the time would have stated so, don’t you think? The empty tomb was confirmed in the gospel accounts and in the numerous epistles. But do not forget the non-Christian accounts of Tacitus, Flavious Josephus, and many others.

There are many who do not believe these accounts of the Christians because they would be biased. Let’s get something straight…everyone has some form or another of bias, but that does not make them untrustworthy or liars! Some tend to believe that extraordinary accounts require extraordinary proofs. However, I find this to be untrue as well. If we must present extraordinary proofs for extraordinary feats, do you realize that much of our history of America (let alone the world) would vanish! The military campaigns of Alexander the Great, or Napoleon Bonaparte, or even George Washington. Caesar Augustus barely makes the cut to stay in the history of the world.

All the Sanhedrin needed to do was to produce the bones, or body, of Jesus…which they could not because he was RISEN! Just as it was foretold by the prophets. Many, if not all of the challenges, against to Risen Lord, Jesus, have been dispelled in one form or manner.

Consider this my friends: If God exists, then miracles can happen. If God exists, then it is possible that Jesus was His Son in the flesh. If God exists, then the resurrection was possible. If God exists, then Jesus’ appearance to many and His ascension was also possible. If God exists and Jesus was “…His one and only Son…”, then aren’t Jesus’ words a guide to us for our lives????? Think about that for a moment, or two…

Are you willing to believe? Are you willing to research it and take a chance that it may be true! And if it is true, that means the promises of hope and salvation are true for YOU!

empty tomb3

God Bless, Godspeed, & Happy Easter to you all!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD


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