Punishment for the Vile & the Wicked

Levite's Concubine

While at work I was impressed to listen to Judges and Ruth. However, normally while listening to the Book of Judges, I am always drawn to Samson. But this time I was enamored by the Levite and his Concubine. I will not post the biblical passages (Judges 19Judges 20), but the summation is this that the travesty that happens to the Levite and his Concubine at the town of Gibeah. She was given over to the crowd of people of Gibeah that their carnal pleasures would be satisfied. Gibeah’s people were descendants of the tribe of Benjamin. This reading was similar to but not as devastating as what happened in the town of Sodom, while Lot was living there. When the Levite returned to his home with his dead concubine’s corpse, he proceeded to cut her apart into equal pieces and sent those parts to the remaining tribes of Israel. When they responded to the Levite’s message he explained his actions…and the primary crux of his complaint was to the vile, wicked, evil that resided within Gibeah.


The remaining tribes contacted the tribe of Benjamin with this problem and they did nothing to stop or to even chastise such evil. Then, the only thing remained in their arsenal was to gather together for war against their brothers.

Levite's Concubine 2

While they depicted a story line of Sodom & Gomorrah, I reflected heavily upon the evils that are happening to our fellow Christians in the middle east at the hands of the Islamic factions. A moderate believer in Islam may just as well be a heretic or a Christian, for the purposes of this discussion as they are too scared to stand against the radicalized faction. So they just follow suit.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke

And this is what is happening in the middle east, now in Europe, and is spreading out ward, because of the refugee debacle in which the radicalized members are acting as refugees and infiltrating the European, American, and many other boarders. Thus they make their demands and set their attacks against unarmed civilians. The only way for these radicalized factions to be properly dealt with is for the Islamic community to stand up and stop them. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening.

One of the greatest problems is that in their culture rape & molestation is not dealt with in any manner or form. The response from Germany, Denmark, and Sweden is to educate and tolerate. On the other hand, Russian men did not just stand by but, in a manner of speaking waged a war against the refugees that were caught in acts of rape and molestation. There have been reports of rapes and molestations in the US, as well, but no word as to legal arrests, jailing, or even deportations…after all, where will you deport them to? The refugee camp from which they came??

Levite's Concubine 1

I see these Muslims as brothers, distant of course, but we were all created by the one true God. But I see the parallels to these biblical passages. Our path and mission is clear and as distinct as the Levite whose concubine was ravaged and raped to death; just as many of the sons of helpless families of the Islamic faith have their male children taken and sold to the wealthy men or military commanders (pedestry), which is known as “Bacha bereesh and bacha bazi.”

I also see this parallelism, in that, it is an evil that must be dealt with immediately and harshly. At what point will it be seen as the poor plight of someone to have sex with children…oh, but we already have that problem, don’t we? Christians must stand up for what is right and be willing to protect our loved ones, even to our own death.

Levite's Concubine war

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34


At the beginning of this nation, Christians stood up to the King George III and the British Military. It is once again that we must be willing to stand with our brothers and sisters to protect this nation, even a glimmer of what it once was, and all her valuables (wives, mothers, sisters, children, etc.) One day, YOU may be all that stands between potential animals and your family…WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Call 9-1-1? Statistics show that while seconds matter, the police are but 5-7 minutes away. You may consider arming your selves, for even the Apostle Peter possessed a sword! Rely on God! Rely on Jesus! Rely on the Holy Spirit! But you must be willing to protect those gifts that were entrusted to you by God!

May God Richly Bless You!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD



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