Just when YOU thought YOU were having a bad day…

Just when YOU thought YOU were having a bad day, God lets you see into the life of another. Then, at that moment in time, your problems seem so small in comparison.


Man injured after falling nearly 40 feet

Yes, that man that was injured is my nephew. While training in the art of tree climbing and studying for his Arborist License, something went terribly wrong – to say the very least. He was tied in and strapped, but things went really bad regardless. I do not know all the details; however, what I do know is that he fell 40 feet, and because of the type of cord that they use in tree climbing (bunji style) he was slingshot, then hit the trunk and hit the ground.


He is now in the ICU. Thursday when they got him to the Emergency Room he had emergency surgery to attach his internal organs to their proper spots (as I understood) and his spleen and part of his colon was removed. Friday he had surgery on his broken back. Next week sometime, perhaps ten days, they will schedule surgery for his shattered ankle and wrist. And in due time, they will reassess his problems that were missed because of the severity of all his issues.

And what was I complaining to God about? Because I wasn’t getting my way or what I wanted…how sad of me! I wasn’t happy with the fact that God told me that He loved me, the day prior.


We are all human, we all screw up and we definitely all have rough and bad days! But walk away with this note: There are many who are having a much worse day than you. Now, do not revel in such a thing, but rather use it simply as a reminder. Some will never go home to be with their families. Many who will have a long road of recovery before them. It really reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie of all time, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

I know in one of my previous posts I said that you should not compare yourselves to others, but that was with respect to envy of what they have – i.e., coveting. In this respect, the comparison is not a coveting of things, but a reminder that if you really think about it, you really have a wonderful life!


May God Richly Bless You All, Abundantly!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD


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