just think about it…


I was listening to an interview with Dr. Scott M. Sullivan the other day and he and the interviewer brought up an interesting point:

“…if God stopped thinking of you, stopped loving you, you would cease to exist…” (refer to: The Importance of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Just consider that for a moment.


The Son of the Most High was hung on a cross for our sins! Would you like you, in a good way if you were hung on a cross the same as Jesus was for the failure or sins of others?  Especially, being hung on a cross the way the professional Roman Soldiers did so? Remembering that they were professional and proficient at their jobs in the business of torturing and killing people! And they were especially good at doing so to those who were deigned enemies of the state!

When you think about it all, by simply looking in the mirror, you have seen the face of at least one person who placed Jesus on the cross! You have seen at least one who shouted, “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!” You know someone intimately who cost someone their life! Someone who was innocent of everything they were accused of.

Do you know what it is like to be crucified? READ THIS, and you will see ; perhaps even understand the concept a bit better! The article was written about 1986 by Mayo Clinic Doctors, who reviewed the data and biblical account and made their professional determination based upon the facts as they were made known through research. ON THE PHYSICAL DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST is a bit technical, but is very informative and very blatant on the brutalities against Jesus or any other person who was the recipient of crucifixion as a judgement.

plan-of-salvationSo, just consider this for a moment, if anyone had any reason at all to not like you and not think about you, or any other member of the human race, it would be Jesus! And yet, God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus loves each and every one of us. God wants us to choose Him and follow Him and to obey Him! Considering all that we have done to Jesus, is it all that bad to choose life and salvation?


This was a short one, but pointed & specific! I just ask you to think about it.

May God Richly Bless You All!

MK Murphy, PhD, DD



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