Disobedience Resulted in Captivity…continued…

babylonian-captivityA few days after my posting of “Disobedience Resulted in Captivity” for last weekend, I came across an interesting article, “10 Signs That You’re Captive To The Enemy,” by Brenda Kunneman.  While my previous posting was pertaining to Zechariah 7:8-14 which dealt with failing to obey and comply with God’s directives & mandates, Brenda Kunneman’s article is aimed toward the person as a whole to see & understand how being captive affects the person.

Withing the context of the article, we find the effects of captivity takes away, neutralizes, undermines, etc.,the abilities we once had to do our own battles in the following areas or feelings:  Identity, Anointing, Vision, Authority, Confidence, Surrounded/Overwhelmed, Empty, Intimidated, Confused, & Blind.

Regardless of the reason for your captivity, or spiritual downfall, as Christians we are set free from all such problems of captivity, in-that, we have voluntarily given our lives over to Jesus.  By doing so gives us the ability, through God’s help, to rebuild those aspects of our lives.  If something remains as a detracting factor within your life then you have failed to turn something over to the Author of Life!  But take heart, my friends, Brenda Kunneman stated, “…the Holy Spirit in you is not focused on why you are a captive. He is interested in bringing you out of the captivity!

We are also reminded, in both the article and throughout the bible, that we are “…a temple of the Lord…”  The Holy Spirit is there to help us rebuild from the ground up and to separate us from the influences of our past.  Though, in my opinion, the memories may live on their sting of pain and destruction is taken away and we are a much stronger person in the long run.   It is up to us to ask, in prayer, that God accept us, cleanse us, dwell within us, strengthen us, and to continue to bless us with the breath of life that we can continue to know His will as our purpose.

Brenda Kunneman continued on alluding to some steps that could be captivity-henry-betzaleltaken to remove the captivity from your life:  Expose the captivity, Let go of the excuses, Separate yourself from Babylon (your captivity of choice), and Run to your heavenly Father.

If you give yourself to Him, you will find yourself feeling better about things, not tied to anything but simply as a person who has been tasked by God Himself.  To perform a task, which God has assigned to you because He knows you can do all things through Him who created you!

I found it to be a very good article and well worth the reading time.

Stay vigilant! Stay vocal! Stay blessed!

MK Murphy, PhD


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